About the Council



Bexley’s Corporate Plan is a continuation of our work over many years that will set Bexley up to be even better in future.

We are ambitious for our borough - we want to secure investment so that current and future generations continue to live in a thriving place. We have great aspirations for our residents too and we want to support residents to live the best lives possible and to reach their potential. And importantly we want to be good at what we do, to be fair and inclusive, and to be careful with our resources particularly during these challenging times, so that we can achieve the best for Bexley.

Our ambitions are underpinned by our shared values and principles, which include standing up for Bexley, fairness and inclusion, working in partnership, early intervention and prevention, embracing change and innovation and making a difference for our residents.

Our Medium Term Financial Strategy is the Council's five-year financial plan and provides a framework which enables the Council to effectively allocate its available financial resources to achieve its priority outcomes and objectives.

The strategy accounts for planned changes in income and expenditure and provides an outline of the Council's approach to meeting its statutory requirement and setting a balanced budget each year.

Our Strategy for Looked After Children is founded on our commitment to make Bexley a great places for all our children and young people to grow up and to get best possible start in life. We are committed to ensuring that children who are not able to live with their families, for short or extended periods are not disadvantaged as a result, but have access to the same life opportunities as others.

Our Chief Executive, Jackie Belton, is joined on the Council’s leadership team by four Directors, who in turn have strategic leadership responsibility for the following areas:

  • Children’s Services
  • Adult Social Care & Health / CCG
  • Place
  • Finance & Corporate Services

Political structure

The Council has 45 elected members in total and the current political makeup is as follows:

  • Conservative: 32
  • Labour:  12
  • Independent: 1

The Council Leader is Baroness Teresa O’Neill of Bexley OBE.






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